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Jeffrey Richards

My work is a stream of consciousness expression of dreams and ideas where I can meditate and find asylum from the complexity of modern life. My expression through clay allows me to ground myself and find escape from the routine and rigors of a hectic schedule. We over commit our resources and abilities and are driven to stay on the edge of failure where our only option is to succeed. My work allows me access to an alternate journey where I find passion and solace in clay through various shapes, forms, colors, textures, and techniques. Through the sgraffito process of carving layers of slip I am able to create freehand expressions that contrast with the structural tiles and pots I create in dark clay bodies.

I currently work as the Director of Information Technology at a law firm in Oakland, California. I am also a volunteer assistant/technician in the ceramic’s department at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA.  I live in Pacifica, California with Ty, the beloved beagle.